Clarify and Thrive

​​​how do adults use coaching?

​​Adults use coaching to overcome struggles with blind spots in:

  • Future Vision
  • Focus
  • Organization
  • Persistence
  • Regulation
  • Time Management
  • Point of Performance​

Impact-Full Coaching, LLC

The client's role in coaching:
  • Imagine and engineer your vision of the future
  • Continually access and refine your vision
  • Categorize your themes and designate goals
  • Understand your strengths
  • Measure daily follow-through
  • Change patterns of thinking to help you perform optimally
  • Identify and increase your support systems, nurturing and refining relationships
  • Receive encouragement and validation that make you want to stretch
  • Learn to improve, sustain, and shift focus at the right time at the right place
  • Actively grow in the direction of your own best self

What is coaching?

In contrast to approaches which focus on past behavior (as in counseling and therapy) or providing directives to the client (as in mentoring, advice, and counseling), coaching is a collaborative, strength-based, goal-oriented and client-centered approach.

Coaching targets change as needed for the present and future.  Identifying one's areas of difficulty and frustration are just one part of addressing the challenges that might slow progress.

The coaching relationship provides accountability and measurement approach to following a pre-determined vision.