Clarify and Thrive

​​>> "Suzanne has helped me feel supported, understood, and accompanied as a coach. She understands the challenges, symptoms, and gifts of ADHD and responds with empathy and affirmation. She has helped me name my strengths and to focus on leading with these, while also respecting the limitations of how my brain works. Suzanne's compassionate, kind, and generous manner have made me feel accepted and hopeful that I can function and flourish by maximizing behaviors and strategies that treat the symptoms and establish new, effective patterns. I highly recommend Suzanne as a coach for anyone struggling with ADHD symptoms and those who are seeking clarity and prosperity for their lives."



>> "Suzanne has helped me succeed in school and in the complications of my teenage life in enormous ways. She’s been beside me for the last couple years, helping me to learn how to deal with medication, family, school, friends and much more. In my eyes, Suzanne is like an angel that was placed into my life at just the right time. Before I met her, I was out of control and didn’t know how to manage life with ADHD."

Lola M.
High School Student
Ann Arbor, Michigan

>> "Suzanne has enabled me to change my sighs of exasperation into sighs of relief. Working with Suzanne is like having your own personal pep squad cheering you on in all aspects of your life defined by you. The knowledge I already had inside me is transformed into obtainable goals and yet Suzanne educates and inspires me as well. I have found her to be compassionate, patient, articulate and motivating. Suzanne is a true lifeline for me."
Naomi C.
Business Owner
Ann Arbor, Michigan

Impact-Full Coaching, LLC