Impact-Full Coaching, LLC


Confidentiality is very important to the coach/client relationship. All information given to a coach will be held strictly confidential. The release of information gained in the coaching sessions may be released to another professional only with written client consent. Release of information may be provided without consent in the event that a client is in danger to him or herself or others. The purpose of these exceptions are to protect the client and others from harm.

Clarify and Thrive

adhd life coaching

Individuals with ADHD face special challenges because of their unique traits. A specialized type of life coaching is appropriate.  I join clients to understand how ADHD affects daily life. We coactively orchestrate new questions, insights, and direction. We develop work-around strategies to deal successfully with everyday challenges. 


life coaching

I like to think of life coaching as an approach marked by gradual changes through a series of events on a personalized “present to future” timeline. The purpose of coaching is to develop into our own best self as we re-envision tomorrow. Locked within us are dead ends, blind spots, and random ideas we never seem to glue together. By exploring daily patterns and investing in small significant steps you empower new approaches to growth and success.

Whether it relates to work, school, time management, organization, finances, or relationships, most of us are a work in progress. I navigate your challenges with you as you broaden your perspective. Coaching is a process that allows one to chisel out new pathways into fresh stories.

The Coaching journey is a powerful one.  It begins with a phone conversation exploring the coaching process in general.  If there is a comfort level between caller and coach, the caller may decide to schedule an initial interview.  At that time, client and coach examine coaching needs in detail.  We then determine the terms of service and decide on the logistics of meeting.  Meetings can be in person (Ann Arbor area), by phone, or on Skype.